Revitalizing Frederick's Golden Mile

April 17, 2014

Buchanan Partners plays a part in Frederick's Golden Mile Revitalization

Major Developments Moving Forward With Golden Mile Revitalization

The Golden Mile, once the economic engine of the City of Frederick, has been a topic of great debate and discussion over the last several years. Many have said that The Golden Mile has lost its luster. But that impression will soon be changed as major new developments begin to take place from one end of Route 40 to the other.

The biggest project on The Golden Mile, and the one that has received the most attention, is the redevelopment of the Frederick Towne Mall site located on the west end of Route 40 at 1301 West Patrick Street. At one time, the Frederick Towne Mall was the crown jewel of The Golden Mile and the shopping destination in Frederick. Having fallen into disrepair and left vacant for longer than anyone would have liked, many plans to redevelop the site came and went.

Last year, the site was rezoned by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen which allowed for a new plan to move forward. Currently in the planning process and working its way through the city’s Planning Department, the redevelopment will be a catalyst and major first step to revitalizing the entire area. Planned for the site are a new, state-of-the-art WalMart Supercenter, a 40,000 square foot shopping center, and two 6,000 square foot restaurant pad sites.

The site plan is currently scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on June 9th. If approved, the project then moves into the permitting phase. While there is no official timeline set, the hope is ground will be broken mid-2015, with completion 18 months later.

Across Route 40, Buchanan Partners is working on redeveloping the VFW property at 5901 Old National Pike into West Park Village. This will be a new 285 unit housing community that includes single family homes and townhouses. Unlike many developers who come in and level a property to make it fit their plans, Buchanan Partners has designed West Park Village to fit into the site’s natural landscape. In addition to the new homes, West Park Village will also include a seven acre park situated at the corner of Mt. Philip Road and Old National Pike.

At the other end of Route 40, the old Maryland State Police Barracks at the corner of West Patrick Street and Baughman’s Lane, will soon be coming down to make way for a new Wawa gas station and small retail shopping center. This project is in the engineering phase and will include a complete redesign and upgrade to the West Patrick Street-Baughman’s Lane intersection.

"Things are in the works on the Golden Mile," says Justin M. Kiska, President of the Golden Mile Alliance. "While we would all like to see the construction equipment start moving dirt tomorrow, a complete revitalization of The Mile will take some time. Things are happening and the Golden Mile is far from being obsolete like some many want to believe."

"The Golden Mile was Frederick’s first major commercial and retail corridor," Kiska adds. "It is only natural that as other retail zones began to pop up around the city that Route 40 would see a decline in business. But that decline has never been as bad as the general public has perceived. We are now approaching the part of the economic cycle where The Golden Mile will have a resurgence and we can see that on the horizon with all of the major projects in the works."